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BRIXTON KEY was born in Bleak House, Isleworth, England in the 1950s to a party-loving scallywag Mum and an errant Dad. As a child he rifled through his brother’s extensive jazz and blues record collection, nicked novels off the municipal library shelves, 45s from the racks at HMV, and fell deeply in love with the sound of Muddy Water’s slide guitar. After being expelled from boarding school, which he attended on a scholarship, Brixton put on his Kings Road finery to hustle up a gig with the British music weekly Melody Maker, writing in-depth profiles of artistes as varied

as Rod Stewart, Paul McCartney, Hawkwind, and Rory Gallagher, under the name of Mark Plummer. He scarpered off to America one step ahead of Thatcher’s clampdown and began managing Chris Isaak in the 1980s, guiding the pop idol and actor’s career as MTV started ruling the airwaves. “I loved the visuals of three minute songs turned into fast moving stories. They turned me on – fast cuts, chopped up Super 8, grainy frames, and great looking thrift shop guitars.” Suffering a near-fatal brain aneurysm in the 90s, Brix was knocked flat on his arse. On the advice of his stepson he began writing fiction. “I love telling stories – life is fiction. I’d love to be Charlie Six, or perhaps I was. It’s fun living amongst the typography on the page.” Brixton is currently working towards a Masters in English at SFSU, and lives with his partner Josephine in a downtown San Francisco loft, where their record player continually spins 45’s and music clips flicker on their computer screen. In the late night hours he reads his favorite authors under skyscraper shadows, and works on his sequel of the Charlie Six trilogy, There Ain't No God Here. A lifelong insomniac he has little time for sleep. Who would when another story is lurking around every dark corner?



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